How can we help you during times of change? 

At Agar we are often asked for help from our clients at times of change; this is usually when people and teams are feeling at their most vulnerable at the same time as looking to create effective relationships between new teams, colleagues, leaders and, of course, customers. I wanted to take some time to describe how we might approach this type of issue. Now you all know that we are big fans of Insights Discovery, a tool that we use extensively with our clients and one that we see so much demand for – it can certainly be at its most powerful in these types of situations.

No two organisations or teams are ever the same and our first step is, of course, understanding the current issues which you are facing and the impact which those issues are having. We do that through meeting with key individuals, often the business owner or business leaders, and we identify and diagnose the causes of these issues. Once these are identified the fun begins! We seek to find solutions through a range of interventions supporting you to align your people with your strategy and working closely with your key teams to build self-awareness and awareness of others in order to understand the impact that we all have. Here is when Insights Discovery and Insights Full Circle come into their own.

Our 360° feedback solution is the Insights Discovery Full Circle assessment, which perfectly complements the Insights profile and represents a natural next step on the journey of self-awareness. It extends the understanding from our Insights profiles to include a snapshot into the perception that up to 12 others, (peers, managers, reports, customers, suppliers), have of our preferences, providing a fresh perspective into our personal approach, style and impact.

The result is powerful – a comprehensive profile that combines self-perception with the perceptions of others and uses the Insights system as a framework to compare and contrast these perspectives. Presenting the Full Circle Profile within this positive framework enables individuals to explore their strengths and development areas and the impact these may have on their professional and personal relationships. It brings personal feedback to life in a way that is engaging and positive and which ultimately inspires the individual to take instant action to improve interactions with key stakeholders; something which is always absolutely crucial but particularly during times of change.

Here is what one of our clients has to say about it:

‘I have found the insights 360 process an incredibly useful and enlightening personal development opportunity. It is fascinating and helpful to see where others place you on the wheel and it creates brilliant opportunities for opening up relevant conversations. Highly recommended!’

Linda Peka
Chief College Operations Officer, University of Exeter

Sounds pretty good right? If you think that you or your team could benefit from Insights Discovery or Insights Full Circle then why not get in touch with us.

Jack Orchard,

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