We specialise in partnering with businesses to help create the kind of culture where individuals fulfil their potential and the business succeeds.

Our approach is simple. We believe that by having the right people with the right skills and attitudes your business can grow and flourish. Agar uses innovative, insightful and individualised approaches to developing people and systems and we operate with integrity and enthusiasm because we care about making the right difference to your business.

We aim, through our work, to enable people to fulfil their potential – to be their ‘brilliant best’! We are passionate about making a difference. As small business owners ourselves we understand the challenges you might face as your business expands and contracts in response to internal and external pressures. Take a look at the list of challenges we are often faced with and see if any of them are familiar. 

I have people lacking in self-awareness

When staff lack self-awareness they often do not understand the impact that their behaviour has on those around them. This can often lead to dysfunction within a team, poor communication and a lack of trust. Our programmes use Insights Discovery to help people understand their strengths, challenges, development areas and blind spots. For leaders, we utilise Insights ‘full-circle’, a 360-degree feedback tool, to help understand how we are perceived by those around us in order to understand our own personal impact. For individuals, we would always recommend 1-2-1 coaching and a range of our online courses. For teams, we would suggest our ‘High Performing team’ programme.

I seem to have a lot of people burning out and showing signs of stress

For leaders, we know that we have times when we have no choice but to push our people to meet tight deadlines or challenging targets. It is the reality of any business. However, we strive to find the healthy balance to ensure that our people don’t burn out. We have developed our ‘Workplace wellbeing’ programme which supports staff through three key areas ‘Happiness’, Wellness’ and ‘Resilience’. For leaders, the content is directed towards management styles, effective communication of methods, recognising mental health and personality type in others and utilising Positive Psychology strategies effectively to embed a happy workforce culture. We deliver this through workshops and 1-2-1 coaching and our unique happiness and wellness metric measuring the impact of your investment.

We have a huge change agenda and my people need to be prepared for it

We suggest our ‘Leading with Safe Uncertainty’ (LWSU) Programme. Feeling Safe is a need; a prerequisite for creative thinking and a growth mindset. Feeling Certain is a preference and can limit creativity and innovation. LWSU utilises the tension of uncertainty as a catalyst for individual, team and organisational growth.

Developing a conscious approach to leadership; focusing on sustainable organisational performance by:

  • Creating a culture of trust that embraces uncertainty and change
  • Utilising a flexible pragmatic approach that utilises uncertainty as a catalyst for growth
  • Achieving a step change in thinking patterns to enhance leadership effectiveness

This programme blends workshops, online learning and 1-2-1 coaching to deliver a powerful and lasting impact.

‘My leaders and managers just aren’t cutting it’ or ‘we have a challenging year ahead and I need my leaders to really step up’

We suggest our ‘Leadership Development’ programme which weaves themes of compassionate and conscious leadership together. Focusing on key leadership issues, such as developing a strategic mindset, leading a team, understanding leadership styles and managing change, we utilise the full range of our expertise to deliver a programme which blends workshops, online learning and 1-2-1 coaching to deliver a powerful and lasting programme. Where conflict is present, we are even able to offer a mediation service.

‘I have a team which is performing poorly’ or ‘I have a team that falls out a lot’

We suggest our ‘High Performing Team’ programme. Using Insights Discovery, we work to understand the make-up of a team in order for key strengths and challenges to be identified. With our model of team effectiveness, we encourage the team to develop greater self-awareness in order to reduce conflict, help them make better decisions and to communicate more effectively. We use workshops to deliver this programme.

‘I have sales team which are struggling to meet some challenging targets this year’ or ‘My people have to influence people, but they don’t have authority over them’.

We suggest our ‘Sales Effectiveness Programme’. Designed to complement the range of sales tools which you may already have at your disposal we use Insights Discovery Sales Effectiveness to develop greater individual self-awareness. This can lead to the development of key influencing skills to enable individuals to adapt and connect with others more effectively. We use workshops to deliver this programme.

‘I have a number of junior managers/graduates/apprentices who need development in ‘soft skills’

We call this our ‘Human Skills’ programme. As your staff develop their technical skills the things which make us human, such as empathy, emotional self-control and self-awareness, at times get left behind. Our programme focuses on these skills to ensure that your staff are able to form quick and effective relationships with others in order to maximise their potential. We use a combination of workshops and online courses to deliver this programme.

‘We seem to have problems recruiting and retaining good people’ or ‘my managers don’t know how to tackle HR issues on their own’

For business leaders this support comes in the way of 1-2-1 coaching and strategic workforce design input. For other staff we suggest our ‘HR Skills’ programme. Looking at the full ‘life-cycle’ of an employee, from recruitment to exit, our programme covers a range of areas such as employee engagement, appraisal, neurodiversity, recruitment and interviewing skills, unconscious bias and staff representative groups. These are delivered by workshops.

Why not take a look at the programmes of development we have designed to help meet your business needs.

Our Programmes

Why not take a look at the programmes of development we have designed to help meet your business needs

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Cultural Development

We believe that by getting your culture right your people will benefit and so will your business. We work closely with you to understand you and what you want to achieve.

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Business Mentoring

We believe passionately that staff who are well-informed, effectively communicated with, motivated and appropriately involved will help a business to achieve its strategic objectives.

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As Insights licensed practitioners, we provide people development programmes that help businesses get the very best from their people at work.

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Our Impact

Take a look at some of the steps we are taking and the organisations we are supporting in order to give back.

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Agar Learning Lab

The Learning Lab offers a range of bespoke professional development programmes developed in association with professional bodies, helping its members achieve professional accreditation.

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Class HR

Our ethos is very much that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts; we believe that the delivery focused solutions we provide through our Agar and Class HR partnership truly reflects this.

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