The RQi Resilience tool

The RQi™ is the best-studied and most comprehensive resilience psychometric in the world. This critically acclaimed tool enables individuals and teams to manage high pressure and adversity, helping to build resilience and boost performance in the workplace.

World-renowned psychometric programme

Developed by a team of health psychologists and industry experts, the RQi™ provides a detailed assessment of resilience for individuals and teams. It’s the only psychometric available which measures a full range of factors, including Work Engagement and Self-Compasssion, that enable people to manage stress and bounce back from adversity. The RQi is used alongside one-to-one coaching and group workshops to help build resilience and enhance wellbeing

There is also an RQi Team Report™ with shows collated RQi data for teams and departments. This helps identify team needs to design bespoke resilience programmes.

How does it work?

The RQi™ programme has a proven track record in improving your team's mental health, helps lower stress levels, reduce absences and improve their performance at work.

Each team member fills out a secure online questionnaire which is used to produce a 25 page personalised report with scores and recommendations for building resilience.

This is followed by one-to-one coaching to give people the tools and confidence to produce better outcomes at work.

The RQi Team Report™ has anonymised, collated data for teams and uses different reference populations.

What does our research show?

The RQi™ is one of the best-studied resilience psychometrics available anywhere, using established scales from leading experts with over 20 years of supporting evidence.

Our own research shows that when respondents are ranked according to their scores on key RQi™ sub-scales, people in the top quartile (i.e. the most resilient) v. bottom quartile have:

  • 110% Higher subjective wellbeing
  • 58% Lower stress scores
  • 42% Fewer sick days
  • 13% Higher work performance*

Unique benefits of the RQi

The RQi™ is the only resilience psychometric on the market which contains detailed developmental activities - based on health psychology, positive psychology and behavioural science, with downloadable worksheets and activities for building even greater resilience.

  • A full range of stress-coping strategies – including Approach and Avoidance Strategies (e.g. denial and distraction) for managing emotions
  • Positive Mindset – including Self-Compassion, as measured using a scale developed by Prof Kristen Neff
  • Optimism and Pessimism – measured using a scale developed by Prof Charles Carver
  • Lifestyle factors – that are known to affect stress physiology such as access to daylight and green space
  • Detailed development activities – based on health psychology, positive psychology and behavioural science; with downloadable worksheets and activities for building even greater resilience.

Who's using the RQi?

The RQi™ is being used by leading employers and key opinion leaders in the UK including the Home Office, the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and Johnson & Johnson.

Need a custom solution?

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