Research & Evaluation

Research, impact, and evaluation

Working with Agar means working with a team of experts in the fields of leadership, team development, organisational culture, and change.

Our staff and our associates bring deep learning, experience, and practical tools to support the work of leaders. We actively research and contribute to teaching and to thought leadership, meaning you and your teams get access to some of the most current and topical discussion in the field. Collectively our team brings both qualitative and quantitative research methods which can also help in evaluation and impact assessment.

We believe that evaluating the impact of leadership and team development is crucial for measuring the effectiveness, ensuring alignment with organisational goals, optimising resource allocation, and driving continuous improvement. It helps leaders to make informed decisions about their leadership development initiatives and contributes to long term strategy and development.

We build evaluation and impact assessment into all our leadership programme design.

We can also help you to evaluate the impact of ongoing leadership development work, to understand what is and isn’t work and why using proven research methods.

We can support you in understanding the data you have about your people and what it tells you about organisational culture and performance. Then help you to improve those metrics that will have most impact on delivering your strategic aims.

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Contribute to leadership research

If you wish to become part of a community of people who have a deep commitment to leadership practice, research, self-reflection, and development, check out Unity Leadership, our exclusive membership community. At Unity, we bring together professional, senior leaders who are committed to leading with courage and authenticity.

With Unity, you gain access to a network of genuine peers who share your drive and ambition. Our dedicated coaching support helps you unlock your full potential and navigate your leadership journey with confidence.

Embrace the power of self-development and reflection through our robust tools and resources, designed to empower you to grow as an authentic leader. Expand your horizons, gain fresh insights from thought-provoking speakers at our exclusive conferences and contribute to thought leadership through deep connections with peers and educators.

Need a custom solution?

Every organisation is different. We don’t believe in a ‘one-size fits all’ approach and so ensure that our solutions are truly bespoke and tailored to what you need.

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