Jack Orchard


Jack is the joint Chief Executive Officer and co-founder at Agar Management Consultancy having previously held operational and strategic HR roles, most recently in the NHS, before co-founding Agar in 2015. He holds a BA and MA in Human Resource Management. Within Agar Jack leads on marketing, IT and Business Development. Externally he has worked extensively with clients in various sectors including education, healthcare, consulting, banking and professional services. His work tends to use tools such as Insights Discovery and focuses on building high performing teams and developing aspiring leaders.

Working with Jack Orchard

“I’ve worked with Jack several times over the last few years and in different organisations. I’ve always appreciated his knowledge and skill when delivering material, his confident and inclusive approach when running workshops, as well as his innate ability to ‘read the room’ and react accordingly. I think this awareness is crucial when facilitating a session with a team, perhaps where inter-personal dynamics, or individual scepticism might be apparent and a space needs to be curated where this can – if appropriate – be acknowledged, whilst ensuring that the session remains on-task.”

Toby Lott, Head of People Management & Development, PKF Francis Clark

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