Being your Brilliant Best

At Agar, we really like the work of Andy Cope and often use it in our training. Andy’s philosophy of people being their ‘brilliant best’ very much links with our aim of creating a culture that enables everyone to fulfil their potential. We believe that when this happens people are motivated and happy…and the great thing about this is that positivity is catching – clients, colleagues, stakeholders…they all want some! We’re not fans of ‘management speak’ at Agar but we believe that a positive culture really does create that ‘can do’ approach that so many businesses (and their customers!) crave.

Another reason we like the idea of people being their ‘brilliant best’ in that it recognises we’re all different…so my ‘brilliant best’ is different from another person’s ‘brilliant best’…but everyone has something unique and important to offer. That’s a key factor in our Insights work. Insights enables people to understand how they can be proud about what this uniqueness enables them to offer and consider adapting and connecting with others to create strong relationships. You can find out more about Insights here.

So, when we deliver leadership training we always reinforce the importance of ‘doing it your way’. Yes – we believe passionately that there are approaches and strategies that will contribute to success but we can never provide a textbook which says ‘when this particular scenario occurs, turn to page 27 and say the words in paragraph 2’. Sorry! It just doesn’t happen that way! It’s about people applying the principles and doing it in their own inimitable style – their brilliant best way! Not only is positivity catching, success is too! We believe our training helps people to be both positive and successful.

Every 100th person to sign up to our ‘ideas, insights and news’ will receive a free copy of an Andy Cope book – like Andy, we believe in random acts of kindness!

Dee Cooper, Director, Agar Management Consultancy

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