Dee Cooper


Dee is joint Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Agar Management Consultancy. Prior to joining forces with Jack Orchard in 2015 to create Agar, Dee had owned and run a management consultancy business for 15 years.

She is passionate about people and, in particular, supporting them to achieve their full potential by enhancing their self-awareness and, in turn, their emotional intelligence. She thrives on working with business leaders to shape the strategy and bring it to life, enabling each person within the team to contribute to organisational success. Ultimately Dee believes that our leadership – of self and others – is what creates organisational culture.

With a public sector senior manager background, Dee now operates across a range of occupational sectors, including education and healthcare. Described by a client as a ‘nice’ provocateur, one senior Higher Education manager said of Dee ‘she seems to know a lot of the dynamics, tensions and politics at an intimate level (!) which allows management techniques and approaches to descend from abstraction to reality’.
Whether she is aligning strategy with core values, designing and facilitating workshops, speaking at a conference or providing one-to-one executive coaching, everything that she does is bespoke. Dee believes she is able to add value by truly understanding the people and the organisation and, equally importantly, by caring about making a difference.

Working with Dee Cooper

“Dee is engaging, open and warm. She is able to be strong and effective, at the same time as not being threatening. She gets things done and gets you to get things done too even when you feel to busy to think! She has a gently challenging style which gets the best out of people. She is generous with her time and approach. For me, Dee is one of those rare people that no matter others’ personality, preferences at work or approach, she is universally respected and liked. An absolute pleasure to work with.”

Linda Peka, Deputy Registrar and Executive Divisional Director for Education and Academic Services, University of Exeter

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