From time to time we get asked what attending a typical insights debrief session with Agar is like.  Whilst the work we do is truly bespoke and no two sessions are the same, this got us thinking about some of the questions people might have. So here are our thoughts . . .

Many employers look to tools such as insights to enable them meet their business challenges with the aim of helping their staff develop their self-awareness and their awareness of other people’s preferences. As practitioners, trained by Insights, we aim to deliver this powerful tool in a fun and relaxed way. Often far in advance of the session we contact attendees by email, sending them a link to an online questionnaire. This usually takes people around 20 minutes to complete and produces an insights profile all about you. Depending upon what has been agreed with your employer we usually print and bind the report for you ready for your insights debrief session. From time to time we might send the report to you in advance of the debrief but don’t worry we will never share your profile with anyone else without your permission.

At the debrief session itself we usually begin by discussing the importance of perception and how the way in which we view the world can be shaped by our experiences. We then build up your knowledge of the insights tool through a series of interactive activities and some opportunities for self-reflection. At this point we give you your profile and help you to explore it in more depth including what your preferences are, your possible strengths and weaknesses and what that might mean for you. We then like to take your new found knowledge a little deeper by considering how your preferences might differ from other people’s preferences and how we can then adapt our approach to make better connections with others.  Insights uses colours to describe preferences and we usually share the order of people’s colour preferences with the group – but remember, the profile belongs to you and you only; we encourage you to share – at least – parts of it, but that is your choice.

Following a group or team debrief we usually send attendees an electronic version of their profile along with any notes taken during the session. But the support with many of our clients doesn’t end there. We look to use insights profiles to underpin further development through 1-2-1 coaching and training sessions on a whole range of topics including team effectiveness, performing under pressure, self and team management and, if appropriate, selling skills.

In the words of the founder of insights, Andrew J Lothian, “Insights is here to change the world of work. Insights Discovery is not a luxury, it’s an essential part of life”.

If you have attended a session with us and would like to add any comments to this page then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

What our clients say:

We all appreciate people work differently but Insights not only helped me understand how I work, think and respond but also how to interpret how others do.  It also helped me ‘read’ relationships with colleagues and peers and therefore how we might interact better together (plus we love our Lego bricks as a quick daily reminder).  With so much changing and new structures to foster I think Insights is such a useful tool if we are all open with our colour preferences and it could make a real difference in strengthening working relationships.

Jill Snelling

Learning Spaces AV Manager, University of Exeter

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