Insights Discovery Full Circle

Effective leadership is crucial for successful business.

How managers and leaders interact with their colleagues and stakeholders directly impacts the productivity and profitability of an organisation, so it is important to take the time to consider if there are any opportunities to improve these relationships. Insights Discovery Full Circle can facilitate this as it brings personal feedback to life.
It enables people to…

  • Take their self-awareness to the next level
  • Get the best from their relationships at work
  • Find out how others see them in an honest and safe environment

What is it?

Discovery Full Circle is a tool which offers 360 degree feedback in a way that’s positive and motivates people to take action to improve relationships. Our Discovery Full Circle Profile is a goldmine of information, bringing to life how people really see each other, what this means for the effectiveness of the team, and putting in place action plans to improve relationships.

Who is it for?

Anyone who works alongside others will know that you don’t always appear to your colleagues the way you think you do – or wish you could. At Agar, our experience tells us that Discovery Full Circle can be a key tool in enabling leaders to understand how they are perceived by their key stakeholders and allows exploration of the impact of this on colleagues, clients and their own development. In even the most effective relationships, there are often things that go unsaid for fear of offending others. However, without those positive relationships at the heart of your business, it will be difficult to truly make your mark in any industry.

If you, your team, or your organisation could benefit from more productive working relationships, then our unique relationship feedback tool, Discovery Full Circle, is what you’ve been looking for.

How does it work?

Insights Discovery Full Circle is based on the same principles as Insights Discovery but goes further, by allowing you to learn how others see your preferences and behaviours. Once you’ve completed the Insights Discovery evaluator, your personally-selected feedback group are invited to complete a short Insights Discovery Full Circle evaluator about you.

We use the Discovery Full Circle Profile in a series of workshops and/or individual coaching sessions – whatever works for you.There’s a wealth of information in the profile itself, which opens up rich conversations about how others view you at work, why that might be, and what can be done to address any potentially difficult areas.

Discovery Full Circle

  • Continues using the positive language of colour to describe behaviour, making the process engaging and non-threatening.
  • Provides both individual and group feedback– up to 12 respondents from manager(s), peers, members of your team and/or customers.
  • Allows the recipient to consider and discuss the range of findings to produce a personal action plan for on-going development.
  • Is a fantastic tool for inspiring effective team-working.
  • Provides an excellent vehicle for giving and receiving feedback, managing conflict, and challenging perceptionsin a safe and effective style.
  • Can be named or anonymous.

Click here to see a sample Insights Full Circle Profile (PDF, opens in a new window)

Ways to use it

Discovery Full Circle gets right to the heart of even the most difficult relationships. Handled with care, relationship-based feedback can be an invaluable workplace resource. It’s ideal for:

  • Existing teams struggling to see past their different work styles
  • New or merged teams who want to build productive relationships
  • Service teams who want to know how their customers see them
  • Individuals who want to enhance their self-awareness

What’s the impact?

The most highly-skilled teams in the world can still be beset by difficult relationships. Discovery Full Circle takes feedback that can be difficult to hear and translates it into positive action – improving team relationships, increasing communication and collaboration, and helping each individual become as effective as they can be in the workplace.

These discussions can support the celebration of gifts and strengths as well as identifying areas for development – for individuals and for teams.


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"We all appreciate people work differently but Insights not only helped me understand how I work, think and respond but also how to interpret how others do. It also helped me ‘read’ relationships with colleagues and peers and therefore how we might interact better together (plus we love our Lego bricks as a quick daily reminder). With so much changing and new structures to foster I think Insights is such a useful tool if we are all open with our colour preferences and it could make a real difference in strengthening working relationships."

Jill Snelling
Learning Spaces AV Manager, University of Exeter

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