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When thinking about what to expect from coaching it is important to understand what coaching actually is, how it differs from mentoring and what coaching can do to assist the individual to address those areas that are of concern or indeed those issues that the individual would like to work on to aid development.

So what is coaching?

There are a number of definitions some of which are nuanced to the particular field or activity in which the coaching takes place, so coaching a sports activity is very different from helping and directing someones journey of self development as a manager or leader in their chosen field or profession.

In this particular context we are talking about assisting senior leaders and managers to address particular areas of concern in relation to their professional roles and relationships that are preventing them from functioning effectively.

Coaching is a form of development in which an experienced person (a coach), supports a client (the coachee) in achieving specific personal or professional goals by providing specific training and guidance. It is partnering with a client in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential. It can be further refined as below:

  1. Coaching is a belief system; a good coach starts from the premise that everyone has the ability to address and resolve their own issues if they can approach them with a positive frame of mind.
  2. Coaching is a leadership style, that seeks to ensure ownership of the persons issues and problems firmly with the individual themselves who must retain responsibility for their resolution.
  3. Coaching is underpinned by different models and various tools designed to aid the individual to identify, understand and begin to address and work through those areas of concern.
  4. Coaching has a specific skill set which when appropriately utilised, can support and enable the coachee through the coaching process.

How does Coaching differ from Mentoring:

Mentoring can be considered to be more of an employee training system in which a senior or more experienced individual (the Mentor) is assigned to act as an advisor, counsellor or guide to a more junior or trainee. The mentor is responsible for providing support to and feedback on, the individual they are supporting.

What is unique about the Coaching offer from Agar?

Agar exists to provide organisations and individuals with the tools and techniques to develop a positive and nurturing working culture where all staff are supported to reach their full potential. Agar utilises The Insights discovery process as the mainstay of this approach.

Someone wishing to access coaching through Agar will be offered the opportunity to undertake the Insights personality profile. This provides a unique opportunity to understand where you as an individual draw your energy and motivation from, when undertaking your role and life in general. It will also allow you to identify some of the key areas you may want to address as part of a coaching relationship to allow some of those knotty problems you may be experiencing to be resolved. In particular those stopping you reaching your full potential and or impeding relationships at work.

Agar has a wide range of skilled coaches from various backgrounds including those who have held very senior positions in various organisations. These can be matched to the needs of those wanting a positive and supportive approach to their particular requirements. Specialist coaching support can also be provided to those individuals who may be experiencing work difficulties due to anxiety or other mental health presentations.

On a final note coaching can be a powerful adjunct to an individuals armoury and toolkit in addressing not only particular areas of concern but also gaining confidence and exploring potential career opportunities and options.

Paul Keedwell – November 2020

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