Val Moulton


Val is passionate about creating perceptive and innovative working environments which enable enduring, sustainable and positive transformation. Val is a seasoned HR professional, with a background in psychology; she has over 25 years’ experience working across a variety of sectors both in regulated and non-regulated industries.

Val (aka the corporate Nanny McPhee!) works both within and alongside organisations to support transformation and optimisation through team and individual development programmes and the facilitation of accredited development journeys to achieve long-term results.

As a trusted partner at board level, Val also has a commercial view of the people and organisational issues being faced. Challenging and coaching are her key approaches when working with senior teams to establish value.

Val is a certified Insights Discovery practitioner and loves what this tool enables individuals, teams and organisations to achieve. Not only does Insights Discovery support self-awareness and accountability, it also provides a wonderful language for all to connect, adapt and build stronger relationships.

Val prides herself on being an excellent communicator and a visionary leader and brings great energy and fun to the transformational process.

Working with Val Moulton

Working with Val Moulton has been a transformative experience, her expertise and dedication to our success have been nothing short of exceptional.

From the very beginning, Val took the time to deeply understand our business’s unique challenges and opportunities. She conducted a thorough assessment of our company’s strengths and areas for improvement, providing us with valuable insights and a clear roadmap for growth.

Through her strategic guidance, innovative solutions, and hands-on approach, we have witnessed a remarkable improvement in our organisational efficiency, communication, and overall performance. The tailored strategies she recommended, not only brought about tangible results but also fostered a positive and motivated work culture among our employees.

One aspect that truly sets Val apart is her commitment to collaboration. She actively involved our team throughout the entire process, ensuring that everyone felt empowered and engaged in the transformational journey. Her ability to foster a sense of ownership and accountability has undoubtedly contributed to the sustainable growth we have achieved and continue to do so.

Thanks to Val’s expert guidance and forward-thinking methodologies, we have experienced significant business expansion, both in terms of market reach and revenue growth. Our return on investment has been substantial, making every penny invested worthwhile.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Val to any organisation seeking to drive positive change, achieve remarkable growth, and unlock their full potential. Val is an invaluable partner in our journey towards continued success, and we look forward to our collaboration in the years ahead.”

Mike Nicholas, Chief Operations Director, OfficeLabs Ltd.


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