Krista Belcher


Krista has a passion for people and loves seeing how powerfully Insights Discovery impacts participants, the teams they work with and their organisation. Krista enjoys creating and facilitating Insights workshops where “participants” truly participate, learn and express gratitude at this “different kind of workshop”. When supporting others with Insights Discovery, Krista takes a coaching approach and creates time and space to explore, to ask challenging questions, to give undivided attention and truly listen to what you are aiming to achieve.

Krista is an Associate Insights Discovery facilitator, an Associate Certified Coach with International Coaching Federation, and Licensed Facilitator of Coach U’s Coaching Clinic, Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership II. Krista also keenly applies Six Thinking Hats and Lean Six Sigma & Process Efficiency and holds certificates from Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in Core Management and is a Vet Nurse.

Working with Krista Belcher

Krista provided an excellent session tailored to our requests prior to the day, and structured the session to ensure we, and everyone else, got what we needed from it. Everyone participated and felt valued and a lot of this was due to Krista facilitating very well and in an engaging and inclusive manner. There was a good mixture of activities, discussions and reflection throughout the day, all whilst ensuring the focus remained firmly on the agreed objectives of the session.

Fiona Plummer, Head of Business Support, Integrated Systems and Performance, Cornwall Council

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