Clare McNamara


Clare is a neurodiversity specialist. Her motivation to support people with neurodivergent conditions stems from personal and family experience of living with the challenges and blessings that atypical brain wiring presents.

Neurodiversity describes a range of conditions, including attention deficit disorders, autism, Tourette Syndrome, dyslexia and dyspraxia. These Neurodivergent individuals tend to excel in some areas but find some things very difficult. Some have official diagnoses, others suspect they would meet the criteria for one or more condition, and others again are entirely unaware. Many, sadly, do not have the opportunity to fulfil their potential. Fortunately, with understanding, most can be helped to create the right conditions to work at their best.

Taking a strengths-based, solutions focused approach, Clare coaches neurodivergent leaders to work at their best, and in the process to facilitate inclusive teams in which everyone plays to their strengths.

Working with Clare McNamara

You gave me such a brilliantly supportive and non-judgemental space, recognising and validating my experiences and allowing me to confront and address these honestly. I valued that beyond measure and for the first time, could see how much I’d been trying to overcome or conceal certain instinctive ways of being, without actually finding the clearest path for me. Somehow your lived experience of neurodivergence meant that you just ‘got’ me. I now accept who I really am, and much more fully embrace, and play to, my neurodistinct strengths.

AK, Business Owner in her 40s, recently diagnosed with ADHD.

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