Vikki Barnes


Dr Vikki Barnes is a Doctor of clinical psychology, happiness & wellbeing consultant, positive psychologist, international speaker, author, humanitarian, adventurer and believer in change for good.

Vikki qualified in 2011 with a Doctorate in Clinical and Community Psychology, following a Masters in Neuropsychology and a BSc in Psychology and Social Studies. With over 10 years of NHS service, she has provided mental health interventions and education to patients and staff in a variety of services. Bridging the gap between operational and corporate worlds, she designed and led a national wellbeing programme with Virgin, working alongside leaders and executives, embedding effective practices into company strategy and ethos, with sustained, outstanding results.

In 2018, Vikki was asked to work in the British Virgin Islands with Sir Richard Branson, to set up a mental health service for survivors following hurricane Irma. She worked with the community as well as health professionals, developing much-needed provision and continues to support this remotely.

In 2019, Vikki founded Positive Wellbeing, a business that focuses on proactive and preventative strategies for forward-thinking organisations, enabling them to create long-lasting, successful cultures by putting the health of people first. Her client list includes universities, schools, healthcare, the armed forces, the royal navy, aviation, maritime security, law firms, management companies, property agents. Typically, she offers specialist consultation, inspirational speaking, 1:1 coaching, bespoke workshops and award-winning retreats.

A member of the Wellbeing Economy, Vikki promotes positive leadership and a movement towards a better world, by blending the wellbeing of people with wellbeing of the planet. Her new book Free Happiness: the art and science of positivity is used within organisations to improve people experience and culture.

Working with Vikki Barnes

“Thank you Vikki, for coming and looking after us all here and for looking after people in England as well. You’ve given them a lot of comfort, it’s been wonderful to have you”

Sir Richard Branson, Entrepreneur, Necker Island


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