Keir Whitaker


Keir is an experienced business consultant and coach dedicated to helping founders, leaders, and entrepreneurs excel in their work while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

He values genuine connections and takes a relaxed and open-minded approach that fosters long-term relationships with his clients. In addition to providing personalised coaching, he loves bringing interesting people together to exchange ideas and share their experiences.

Keir has worked in the technology sector for over 20 years. He began by building websites for the NHS in London and ended up being one of the first 100 employees at Shopify, a renowned Canadian ecommerce company, where he spent seven formative years.

During this time, he gained insight into every aspect of the company as it scaled rapidly — from talent acquisition, personal development, and negotiation to building teams, company structure, and brand creation. Through these experiences and subsequent consulting engagements, Keir has amassed a wealth of knowledge, which he draws upon daily.

Since establishing his own consultancy and coaching practice in 2018, Keir has been making a positive impact on clients worldwide. Known for his calm and insightful approach, he offers clarity, support, and guidance to help clients thrive.

To learn more about Keir and how he helps, visit his website at

Working with Keir Whitaker

“1-on-1 coaching with Keir has been a godsend and has really helped me accelerate my business to the next level. Keir is thoughtful and dedicated, and the strategic guidance, insights, and personal support he provides have been incredibly valuable to me.”

Michael Salvo, Founder Whitecap SEO


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