Moor Trees allow us to offset our carbon usage by planting natural, native trees, trees that have been part of the English landscape for thousands of years.


Inspired by the legacy of our late colleague, Rory Estcourt, we have partnered with Moor Trees to help offset the impact which our business has on the planet.

Moor Trees has been planting native trees in and around Dartmoor since 2001. In 2015, they celebrated the creation of 66 hectares (nearly 40 football pitches) of native woodland using over 60,000 trees, mostly nurtured and grown in their own nurseries from locally collected seed, and the number of trees they have planted is still increasing exponentially.

Moor Trees’ long term vision is for a Wild Heart of Dartmoor, a core zone that is predominantly wooded and largely shaped by natural processes, but combined with low density grazing. The core zone would be surrounded by a mosaic of moorland, blanket bog, mires, pasture and crops with managed native woodlands, including working woodlands.

As trees grow and mature, the new native woodlands lock up carbon, help to prevent flooding, provide habitats for precious woodland wildlife and, by expanding the area and connectivity of woodland, gives wildlife better chance of adapting to climate change.

We work with Moor Trees to offset our carbon usage, in the latter part of 2019 alone we planted 12 new trees.

For more information on Moor Trees or to see how you could get involved yourself, please visit: 


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