Insights Discovery® Personal Profile is probably the most accurate and dynamic personality profile in the world. Highly memorable and user-friendly it has literally transformed thousands of lives.

Based solidly on the pioneering personality profiling work of the renowned psychologist Dr Carl G Jung, the Discovery Profile is a vital tool to deepen the process of self-understanding.  ‘Everyone is unique, and so is their Discovery Profile’

‘Every advance, every conceptual achievement of mankind, has been connected with an advance in self-awareness’

Carl G Jung

The concepts are nothing new …..

For centuries, philosophers have identified four broad types of personality. Dr Carl Jung further developed this idea in the 20th Century. He suggested that all four personality traits or energies are present in all of us and the different balances between them are what make us unique. The Insights Discovery® Personal Profile is a highly accurate and validated system for measuring those balances. Its accessibility both in terms of on-line completion of the Evaluator and transfer of learning to everyday situations is second to none. It creates a powerful buzz and excitement, stimulates debate and inspires development.


The full range of psychological types is depicted on a circle called the Insights Wheel. At its simplest it identifies four groups or quadrants – in the Discovery model they are called Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool Blue. Although we all possess all four ‘colour energies’, most of us will favour one as our dominant, preferred style of thinking, working and interacting with others. Research suggests that if we understand how we and others are likely to respond in a given situation, we can communicate with them in a way that allows everyone’s best qualities to be celebrated and valued, ease any tension and reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings. The Insights Discovery® system encompasses a simple model:

Understand me ….. Understand you ….. Adapt and connect for greater communication

How does it work?

You complete an on-line evaluator (this will take around 20-30 minutes).  There are no right or wrong answers and the evaluator is not designed to catch you out in any way.  It is best if you simply give your first, natural response. The resulting personal profile will be explained during a group or one-to-one meeting to enable you to make the best use of the information.

Want to know more?

Watch this minute long clip to get a further understanding of how Insights may add value to your working life.

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What our clients say:

We all appreciate people work differently but Insights not only helped me understand how I work, think and respond but also how to interpret how others do.  It also helped me ‘read’ relationships with colleagues and peers and therefore how we might interact better together (plus we love our Lego bricks as a quick daily reminder).  With so much changing and new structures to foster I think Insights is such a useful tool if we are all open with our colour preferences and it could make a real difference in strengthening working relationships.

Jill Snelling

Learning Spaces AV Manager, University of Exeter

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