It’s no secret that we are huge fans of Insights, the creators of brilliant self-development products such as Insights Discovery. Dee and Jack first trained as licensed practitioners of Insights in 2010 and 2015 respectively and since 2018 Agar has been a licensed partner with Insights. This means that we are global distributors of their products and have developed a network of individuals and organisations that we work with. However, the relationship goes deeper than that. At a strategic level we work together to feedback on new and existing products and share our clients feedback and experiences.  This two-way partnership has led to our practitioners speaking and facilitating sessions on new products at the Insights European Conference, sharing our experiences with the leadership team at Insights and some of the Insights team meeting our clients to hear first-hand the difference their products are making.

Our Insights network has grown substantially in recent years and our relationships are many and varied:

Licensed Practitioners – we currently have five licensed practitioners (LP’s) of Insights. This means the five practitioners are trained and licensed by Insights to work with any organisation, team or individual regardless of their industry. The practitioners work with our Agar clients and lots of other individuals, teams and organisations.

Client Practitioners – we have currently have two organisations that we partner with who have client practitioners (CP’s) within them. This means that the client practitioners are trained and licensed to deliver Insights within their current employer only. From creating profiles to delivering workshops the whole Insights experience is managed internally. This helps organisations to have greater control but also to reduce the spend of external consultants.

We know that even with the brilliant training Insights offers it can be daunting when you have to go out there and deliver! We work with our CP’s and LP’s to ensure that they have all the support they need to deliver an outstanding service to their organisation and to their clients. From sharing our wealth of knowledge and experience of delivering Insights products, offering shadowing opportunities to hosting continuous development sessions we ensure that the Insights products reach as many people as possible and delivered in an engaging and powerful way.

If you would like to speak with us about becoming a licensed practitioner of Insights or would like to introduce Insights within your own business then please get in touch with us.

What our clients say:

We all appreciate people work differently but Insights not only helped me understand how I work, think and respond but also how to interpret how others do.  It also helped me ‘read’ relationships with colleagues and peers and therefore how we might interact better together (plus we love our Lego bricks as a quick daily reminder).  With so much changing and new structures to foster I think Insights is such a useful tool if we are all open with our colour preferences and it could make a real difference in strengthening working relationships.

Jill Snelling

Learning Spaces AV Manager, University of Exeter

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