We believe passionately that staff who are well-informed, effectively communicated with, motivated and appropriately involved will help a business to achieve its strategic objectives.

We specialise in helping businesses to make that a reality by supporting leaders to ‘plan, do and review’. If Senior Managers haven’t already clarified their strategic goals we work alongside them to enable this to happen. Once the goals are clear we help the top team to identify how their people will put this into practice.

Communication is absolutely key to this. People need to know what the strategic direction is and what they need to do to contribute to success. Getting staff views on future goals can be motivating and really help with ownership. Agar is able to facilitate whole team away days and/or find out staff views and ideas through online surveys.

Of course, successful businesses are constantly revising their strategic direction and, a little like steering a ship, it’s necessary to keep an eye on the horizon and react to internal and external factors along the way. Agar can provide the discipline and skills to enable businesses to regularly monitor progress towards goals and modify as necessary. Indeed a simple but effective model we use is that of ‘plan, do, review’. To be successful we know it’s important to carry out all 3 aspects of the model and we help businesses to apply it.

So…it’s really important for staff to know what they need to do to be part of a successful business…but they also need to know how they’re doing. That’s why we believe that an individual review process is helpful. This review process should be linked clearly to the strategic direction in terms of future objectives and will also need to include the identification of necessary support and development so that a costed training plan can be produced. Agar can help with the design of a review system which fits with the company culture and provide training for both reviewers and their staff so that it’s as effective as possible. It’s about staff knowing what they need to do, why they need to do it…to really care and to take responsibility and to be motivated too! A key part of reviewer training is about giving feedback – people need to know what they do well…and what they could do better. Businesses achieve their goals through their people so those people need to be working at their best.

At Agar, as part of the ‘review’ element of the above model we encourage organisations to celebrate success. We believe that, too often, a goal is achieved but everyone is too busy looking to the next thing to stop and acknowledge the achievement. Celebration doesn’t need to include champagne (although it can, of course!) but certainly we recommend teams to reflect on their successes…and we provide the celebration chocolates for them to eat whilst doing this!

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What our clients say:

Dee is one of the most capable and brilliant communicators I have had the pleasure of working with throughout my professional career. For the past 10 years Dee has been instrumental in many aspects of my business from the initial concept of establishing Creative Chiropractic through to the growth and development of our new venture with its relocation and expansion. Dee has the ability to understand the needs of an individual and the organisation alike, with a view to creating and achieving positive outcomes. My Practice has used Dee’s skills and, since she formed Agar, Jack’s skills too – they have helped us with recruitment, establishment of sound and evolving personnel systems, HR issues, identifying growth potential for the business and particular members of the team, working through and managing change in a variety of situations as well as developing cohesive management strategies. Over the past 18 months Agar has introduced Insights as a trusted and inspirational tool which we have worked with as a whole team and on an individual basis. This has proven to be an extremely valuable addition and we would highly recommend this to any person or organisation. Thank you Dee and Jack – we really appreciate how responsive and committed you are and look forward to the next 10 years!

Michael I’Anson

Practice Director, Creative Chiropractic

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