The aim of African Palms is to give people living in a very poor part of Tanzania the possibility of earning some extra money without interfering with their work of producing the food they need to live.

African Palms is a charity which was set up by Reverend Alan Talbot in the early 1960s. In 1963 he travelled to Tanzania to work in a very remote and poor area. There were a number of bushes of reeds that grew wild around the village where he worked which he identified as palm. With the making of palm crosses having recently come to an end in Devon, he resolved to have the people of the village make them in their spare time to earn some extra money. They proved popular, so he turned the idea into a business with all the profits going back to the people of Tanzania.

The aim of the trust is to support education and healthcare in the areas where the crosses are made. The charity has directed many projects dedicated to improving the lives of Tanzanian people. In 2011, £45’000 was given to the Tanzanian Education Authority who were able to buy textbooks for 156 schools. The next year, they received a further £30’000 which bought desks for 12 schools in the villages in which the palm crosses are made. In 2014, a safehouse was completed and 134 girls saved. In the same year, a large-scale water project was completed which, among more obvious benefits, also made a big difference to children’s education as they were able to attend school rather than having to travel to collect water.

In 2016, an operating theatre was completed at Lulindi Health Centre, where previously procedures had taken place on a kitchen table behind a curtain. These are but a few of the outstanding changes made possible by the African Palms charity.

We support the organisation by providing strategic business help as well as practical support in the form of gathering views from prospective customers and undertaking mailouts. We strongly feel they are a cause worth supporting; the charity is responsible for a number of projects which have had far reaching educational and healthcare benefits.

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