People don’t leave organisations, they leave managers. At Agar we know how important it is to have effective leaders.

We offer bespoke leadership development whether it be for people who are embarking on their first leadership role or those who are experienced senior leaders.

The training takes the form of a group session or one-to-one coaching. It can be a specific one-off topic or an ongoing programme of development. What is really important is that it’s designed specifically to meet the required outcomes and, as such, takes account of the company’s culture.

Here’s just a flavour of some of the leadership topics we’re able to provide:


Leadership Style

Helping leaders to develop a style which resonates with their own personality and the company’s culture as well as bringing out the best in staff…and ensuring the task is achieved.


Working with leaders to enable them to set business and personal goals as well as motivational and relevant goals for their team members.

‘Grasping the Nettle’

How to give honest and direct feedback so that individuals and groups are encouraged to perform to the best of their ability…this means saying what has been done well but also helping people to know how to do things even better. It ensures that leaders don’t ‘dodge the issues’ but gives them the skills to do this constructively.

Performing Under Pressure

As a leader, life isn’t always easy! We can help people to explore what ‘optimum’ pressure is for them and their team – the type that encourages them to perform at their best – and also how to avoid the negative effects of too much or too little pressure.

Effective Communication

People might leave organisations because of their manager but the most common specific complaint we hear about is communication! There are some core elements of effective communication – and ensuring that team members consider the communication to be effective – which we are able to share as part of our training.

Motivation and Delegation

We believe that motivation and delegation are inextricably linked and that both are key to leadership success. We also believe that delegation is – for varying reasons – a skill which many leaders struggle with…and yet, by default, a leader cannot do everything themselves and has to delegate. We help people delegate the right things in the right way.

Time Management

Few leaders have time to twiddle their thumbs! We are able to share key approaches to help with time management. It’s not always easy to change habits…and that’s what will probably need to happen…but the benefits can be enormous.

Change Management

There’s a saying that ‘the only constant is change’ which means that, often, much of a leader’s focus is about managing change effectively. We are able to support with skills and knowledge to enable leaders to fulfil this responsibility in a way which means that people are clear about the reason for the change and embrace it more readily.

Appraiser/Reviewer Skills

No-one is going to come out of a review saying ‘that paperwork was perfect’! If an appraisal goes well it is down to the skills of the appraiser. We equip people with these skills.

What we do

We provide responsive and practical solutions that actually make a difference to you and your business.

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