The ‘Gift of Discovery’ program comprises a one-day workshop, tailored to the needs of your not-for-profit organisation, free of charge.


The work of insights makes one simple statement – “We want to create a world where people truly understand themselves and others and are inspired to make a positive difference in everything they do”.

The goal of the programme is to allow leaders of non-profits to become more effective, allowing them to build stronger and better organisations for their employees.

The ‘Gift of Discovery’ program comprises a one-day workshop, tailored to the needs of each organisation. Participants receive an Insights Discovery Profile which identifies a person’s strengths, value to the team, communication style and management style. That information is then used in a working session to help enhance how people interact with colleagues, to foster improved goal setting, speed up the delivery of results and enable success – personal, professional and organisational. The results are immediate and provide positive, lasting change.

The Discovery course and its materials come free to the non-profits from Insights and the course is delivered by our accredited practitioners.

For more information on the Insights ‘Gift of Discovery’ or to see how you could get involved yourself, please click here.

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